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Yogart™ is a make-at-home yogurt containing live cultures. The product is pre weighed in powder form and packaged in the correct quantity to make 1 litre of live yogurt. Beanies Yogart™ is bursting with good live-bacteria that deserve a home in your tummy! With a range of 6 delicious varieties to choose from, get creative and add your favourite fruit after making, or for a delicious treat, sprinkle some crushed biscuits on top!

Beanies Yogart™ is the art of making tasty yogurt at home. And it's easy! Just use one of the Beanies Yogart™ makers and you are guaranteed the perfect yogurt every time. Yogart™ is 100% natural, vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free. Go on, what are you waiting for?

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How to Yogart

Pour the contents into a mixing bowl and add half a litre of cold water. Whisk together and add a further half litre of water.
Continue to whisk until smooth and place the mix into the "Yogart Maker". Switch on the maker and leave for 8 hours. Time may vary slightly due to the kitchen temperature and time of year, if not quite set leave for a little longer.
After the process is complete there may be a small amount of liquid on the surface but if stirred this will easily mix in. Keep refrigerated and the product will last for one week.