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Instant Flavour Coffee

Hate to wait? Want it right now? This is for you. No syrup, no chemicals. Just a blend that’s brimful of flavour, less than two calories per serving and ready in a jiffy. Ideal for impatient types. You know who you are.

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Remove the lid, break the seal and release the aroma! Use one heaped teaspoon per mug, add freshly boiled water, and enjoy. We always suggest that you store your Beanies jars with the lids on tight in a cool dry place. Once the foil lid is broken the Beanies boffins recommend the coffee is consumed within 3 months.

Very Vanilla

Instant Flavour Coffee
50g Very Vanilla Flavour Instant Coffee


The classic creamy flavour of Beanies Very Vanilla is not to be messed with - a true classic and so versatile you can serve it over ice, make cakes with it or even pour it over ice cream. Want to add a creamy edge to another Beanies flavour? Just add a half spoon of Vanilla! All our flavours are 100% SUGAR FREE and suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans!

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Instant Flavour Coffee

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